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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Planning A Great Child's Birthday Party

You want to make sure everything goes off without a hitch!

You want to make sure everything goes off without a hitch when you are planning your child's birthday party. It should be a fun time that you can look back on and smile; after all, it is a party celebrating the birth of your child. Below are a few common mistakes you will want to avoid when planning your child's special party. When you avoid these mistakes, you will have the best birthday party possible and everyone will have a great time.

Mistake-1- Do not assume that you can throw a big party and disturb your neighbors! Remember that you live in an apartment and should respect your neighbors. They likely do not want to hear loud noise!!! Check with your apartment office to see if they have an area that you could use for your birthday party. Most apartments do not allow grilling on your patio or inches from the building. Be familiar with what your lease says about cooking out and BBQ grills! Apartment complex pool areas often require pool passes and limit how many guest can be on property. Do not assume your 15 guests can go jump in the community pool! Your guests can negatively impact your lease. Know and follow the rules!

Mistake-2- Not Planning for early and late arrivals: Yes, in an ideal world 4Pm would mean 4Pm but we both know that someone is likely to arrive at 3:15 and someone will arrive at 7 when the party is almost over. While you could take the stand of "OH Well... I clearly stated the times on the invitation"; planning for these type of things will make you have less stress and keep the guests happy!

Mistake- 3- Number of Tables and Chairs- You do not want to make the mistake of not having enough tables and seating at your party. It is easy to be short sighted when determining how many tables you will need. Many people forget that they will need tables for food, gifts and the entertainment. It is better to have a table or too many than too few. An RSVP with a (respond by date) on your birthday invitation should help plan the number of tables and chairs needed.

Mistake-4- Although you may think you will contain your party to a particular area, you must plan on visitors going in rooms and areas that you originally wanted off limits. What if you clean and designate one restroom but little Suzy really has to go bad and the designated restroom is occupied? Clean your entire apartment home and know it will be very difficult to keep areas off limits. Make sure there is nothing in ANY room in clear view that you would not want a guest to find. Having a party at a venue other than your home can save lots of time and it allows you to avoid these potential issues.

Mistake-5- Keep all guests an active part of the party. Allowing the guys to sit in-front of the tv with a beer watching the game is a bad idea.

Mistake-6- Weather! While you don't have a crystal ball, you must do your best to determine what the weather will be like the time of year of the party. Are you planning an outside party where guests will disappear into your apartment seeking warmth or cool air? Are you prepared for bad weather? Is there a plan B?

Mistake-7- Supervision! Children will be children. Staying in the kitchen chatting with the parents while the kid's are playing outside could be a formula for someone getting injured. Perhaps a BBQ in approved designated area that allows you to watch the kid's playing may work best.

Your child's birthday party will be a smashing success if you avoid these common planning mistakes. You and all your guests can have the time of your life when you take the time to plan everything carefully and avoid these blunders!

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