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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Living Solutions For Small Spaces

Small spaces can be a challenge!

Although small spaces can be a challenge, there are creative solutions. Have a place for everything and get rid of items you haven't used in the past 90 days.
Have you considered turning a closet into a home office? Add shelving, your laptop, trash can and a chair. Use WiFi for connectivity.
Add a space saving table in the room that has multipe purposes. Consider a foldout desk wall cabinet. 
How about a lift top coffee table that can be used for eating and then lowered to relax and watch tv? The surface of the lift top can also be used as a desk.
A coffee table with drawers can hold remote controls, magazines and other small items.
Tv trays can be easily moved and used for multiple purposes from eating to playing cards.
The kitchen is the perfect place to find creative solutions. Wire organizers can be purchased and hung on the back of cabinet doors. Don't forget about overhead space where you can hang pots and pans.
If you have a staircase, see if it's possible to have storage underneath. Consult a carpenter. 
Often there are closets and cabinets that could contain more items if you had the extra shelving. Are you taking full advantage of the space you have? Perhaps items could be placed higher or lower than existing shelving.
Underneath the bed can be a great place to store items. Don't just pushed them under the bed, instead purchase a storage container with a handle. Be organized with under bed storage and make it easy for you to retrieve and return the items. Bed too low? Consider raising it to allow for storage.
Shop for furniture that can do double duty. There are ottomans that have lids that can be easily removed and some are hinged. These provide great storage from blankets to important documents. Perhaps keep an air mattress inside the ottoman for when guests arrive.
Walk around your home looking for unused spaces. You will likely find a cubbie hole somewhere that can be used for another purpose.
Don't just look at eye level. Be sure to look up and down for extra space.
Purchase storage bins that can be stacked and consider available vertical space in your home.

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