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Saturday, July 28, 2012

How To Use Linkedin for Great Results

One of the hottest networking sites online today is Linkedin.Com.

Making the most out of the top part of your Linkedin profile is key for improved results.

Instead of displaying a boring job title, you have an opportunity to say how you can help someone!

An example of what I am talking about: Fashion Designer vs. Designer of Vibrant Fun Kid's Clothes.

Use the website section of your profile to lead your visitors to where you want them to go. Don't just use words like "Company Website" but instead describe your link (Example: Children's Clothing) or point them to a particular area of your site or blog.

Adding applications to your profile such as a slideshow can help showcase your talent!

Another tip is to join the maximum number of groups allowed. Be careful not to just join vendor type groups but instead join groups where you are likely to find your target customer base. An example of this would be not to join many event planning groups, if you are in the wedding business, but instead join groups where you are likely to find brides to be.

Unfortunately, you are likely to find that not all group managers are on top of new requests to join. If you find a group is still "Pending Approval" send a message to the group manager explaining why you should be allowed to join. Be sure to explain that you are wanting to network by both learning from other group members and by sharing your experiences with others. "Let me in" is not the best approach! 

You are going to want to network within each group but do not spam. Add comments of value. Raise interesting questions that become "STICKY", meaning the post will be there for day's or weeks while other comment on your post.

Use the "LIKE" option to like certain posts but do not just like every post you find. You want to be seen as an active group participant and not just someone that enters the group and makes unrelated subject comments and leaves.

Network with other Linkedin members by adding them to your network. When you view a profile you will see a long gold button that say's something like " ADD TOM JONES TO YOUR NETWORK". You will either already have to know this person, know their email address, be introduced by another member or indicate you share a common group membership. This is another great reason for joining the max number of groups so that you can network with other Linkedin members within the group.

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