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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Home Energy Efficiency Tips

Want to save money?

Simple steps can save you money!
1- Home Cooling/Heating: Stop constantly adjusting the temperature. Leave it fixed at a comfortable temperature while at home. 
2- Improve the airflow through your furnace and air conditioner by changing your filter often.  
3- Wash your clothes in cold water and try only drying clothes for half the time. Only wash full loads.
4- Unplug smaller appliances such as coffee pots, microwave until you need them. These items do pull some amount of electricity due to clocks and other electronic circuitry. Wall chargers such as used by cell phones use some electricity as long as they are plugged in.
5- Change out older light bulbs to more energy efficient bulbs.
By taking small steps, you can save money at home that will add up in a years time!

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