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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Getting Started is The Key!

There are so many of you that would really like to launch your own business but just never get started!

I recently enjoyed watching a tv program where a man became a millionaire by the time he finished high school. He had started 12 businesses starting from age nine. Each business he started grew larger each time.

Most people never get started because they can't think of the perfect opportunity. The truth is there are countless success stories whereby the type of business the owner has today is not even the same as they started.  The key is just get out there in the world and start something! See where it takes you. Don't be afraid!  I'm not saying you should jump in blindly without doing your homework by researching potential costs associated, profit margin, etc. But... you have to GET STARTED. You also don't want to be in research mode for 5 years.

Set a target LAUNCH date so you won't procrastinate. I know people that say the same thing every time I talk with them. The conversation always starts off with "I sure wish I could just........". I call it the broken record syndrome. Every time you talk with them it sounds like a broken record playing over and over telling you about their dreams. GET STARTED!

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