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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Facial Expressions Important In Business !

Before we open our mouth and utter the first word, our facial expression and eyes have already said plenty!
 Can you tell if someone is lying by their facial expression and eye movement? Not entirely however, these combined with other body language can provide strong signs if someone is telling the truth.
 Making little eye contact often is an indicator that someone isn't telling the truth. People can't maintain eye contact when they are bending the truth.
Making direct eye contact usually means that person is confident and honest which is what we want in business!

Your facial expression is worth a thousand words! Our facial expression shows our mood. Daily, our facial expressions show we are happy, sad, angry, confused or surprised. It's important to be self aware and know what your face and eyes are telling others before you speak and while speaking. Be self aware before making that in-person sales pitch!
If you ever have a speech or presentation recorded, you might just be surprised about your facial expressions and eye movement when watching it played back to you.

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