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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dogs And Apartment Living

Pets Are A Huge Responsibility

Getting a dog will require a significant amount of your time and money for many years!
Most apartment complexes require a large pet deposit!
Barking and running/jumping make can make your neighbors unhappy and result in frequent calls to the apartment manager.
Remember the apartment complex manager will likely require to pickup after your dog and dispose of waste using doggie poop bags. 
While a dog can bring love and joy into your home, it can also bring frustration and stress.
If your children want a dog you must first admit as parents that this is really your dog. Kids likely play with a dog initially when getting it but then later only play with the dog occasionally.
Many families are already stressed with work and family obligations. Ask yourself if it's the right time to get a dog.
Parents often give their kids dogs as gifts but these cute adorable pets grow up quickly and the child may not realize how much responsibility they are.
It's a better idea to have your child pick out a dog rather than for you to bring one home as a gift. Perhaps purchase a gift certificate from a pet store instead. Also be sure to consider a rescued animal.
Taking care of a dog can be expensive so it's important to know that you can handle the increased cost to the family budget.
Do not make a decision to get a dog based on how cute a dog looks as appearances can change as they get older. Also do not let your decision be based on pressure from the kids or other family members or that you feel sorry for the dog.
Ask yourself if you have the time and patience to care for a dog.
What are your long term plans? Will your future lifestyle allow for caring of a dog? Planning to go back to school next year and won't have the time you do now?
If you decide that you are ready for a dog, make sure you research and know the breed that is best for your family. Be familiar with size and behavior of the breed.
This article is not to talk you out of getting a dog for your family. It is written to make sure you understand and think about the level of responsibility for years to come and for you to make an informed decision.

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