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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Declutter Your Home!

Things You Could Get Rid Of Now!

Any clothing or shoes that you haven't worn in the past 18 months can likely be donated to help someone.
Your older cellphones or computer can make an exciting difference in another persons life.
How about older toys, books, small appliances that are no longer used? 
Tell me you don't have an old piece of excercise equipment somewhere in your apartment. It's time for it go!
Do you have any old paint in your cabinets or storage room that has been in the same spot for years?
Get rid of all expired medicines. 
Printed magazines and old greeting cards are usually found taking up space in drawers. It's time to toss them.
VHS tapes...really?  Convert them to DVD or other digital media and toss them now.
Donate any food items you are unlikely to eat. Many of us have food items we were going to eat but have been in the kitchen cabinet for a very long time.
What about coat hangers? Do you need 30 but have 200?
Women, just how old is that makeup? Set a rule about the lifespan of makeup products and brushes.
Do you have a closet that you refer to as the junk closet? Start tossing!
No matter if you have a studio apartment or 5 bedroom home, we all have things we can donate, sell or toss today. Get started!

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