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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dad's Role

So just what is dad's role in parenting?

A) First and foremost he must show respect for the mother of your children.

B) Spend quality time with the children. Read to them.

C) Don't just talk with the children when it's time to discipline. Praise your children and LISTEN to their thoughts and problems.

D) Provide meaningful rewards for good behavior. Discipline with love.

E) Show affection. Let your child know you love them!

F) Be a teacher and role model. Set good examples for your children to follow.

G) Do what dad's do best... spend outside time such as playing sports with the children.

H) Help mom with taking care of the kid's and household chores. Always be thinking how you can make moms life easier. Perhaps establish a share the load policy while at home.

I) Be a willing husband that takes an active part in parenting. Children will benefit from a real relationship with their dad even if he makes some mistakes along the way.

J) Don't get involved in activities that you would not want your children to be a part of.

Being a bread earner and security provider will likely cause your children to want to one day be like you. Your children and others will look up to you as a symbol of stability and hope.

Fatherhood is one of life's greatest challenges but the rewards are a happy functional family!

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