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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Changes for a healthy and less stressful life.

Stress can literally make you sick! My statement is not based on my being a medical doctor (I'm Not) but instead is based on my experience. I have dreaded upcoming events such as having to deliver a presentation in-front of many people and found myself vomiting due to stress and worry. Managing stress in your daily life is key to your physical, emotional and mental state.
I tell myself that a particular event is not the end of the world, Afterall, tomorrow will come. It's also very important to have self confidence. Believe in yourself! Many authors will recommend yoga, meditation and exercise for stress relief. I take a different approach. I think you should maintain the right positive attitude (self confidence) , have supportive people to talk with, clarify your feelings through journaling (blog), find humor, do something you enjoy such as your favorite hobby.

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