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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Being Successful Without College

Is college a scam?

The prices continue to soar and students are often told which laptop computer brand and model they must purchase.

Many professors are seldom in the classroom leaving students to online classes and reading expensive books and periodicals.

We have all heard how much higher your salary will be with a college degree yet in todays economy graduates are fighting to be policemen and firemen which often doesn't even require a degree.

College students do not get what they pay for and are usually strapped with huge debt from student loans. Tuition at many schools range from 30 to 50 thousand dollars per year. Most families just cannot afford to shell out that kind of money.

Is it possible to make big money without graduating from college?  Maybe we should ask Simon Cowell from American Idol and the X Factor or perhaps Mark Zuckerberg who created Facebook. These are just two examples of very successful people who did not get a college degree. Emmy winning television personality Rachael Ray got her start a Macy's department store but now her 30 minute meals are known around the nation.

I know by now you are saying that most companies require a degree and I cannot disagree with that fact. However, this is why it's a perfect time to start and operate a business where you are the BOSS!

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