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Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Resilient Business Even In A Sluggish Economy

Pet owners are not about to have their beloved pets go without essentials and proper care. Many people who have pets will spend money on their pet before they would spend money on themselves!  
This provides a great business opportunity to market pet products. Think of a product niche that will put you ahead of the competition. Perhaps a gourmet food business? How about a new potty training product or stroller? Adorable doggy clothes? Insulated dog house?

Think about a product you wish you had for your pet and then do online research to see if you can find it. 
Despite high paid product development teams at large companies, some of the most innovative pet products have come from the collective intelligence of people like you and me from around the world. 

Highly sought after products include:
Pet toys, travel and stay-at-home crates, gates and pens, collars and leashes, beds, grooming tools, waste management, and upscale automatic water feeders.

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