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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ways To Build Your Confidence

Confidence isn't about knowing everything and being cocky. The first and most important step is knowing that you don't know everything and having confidence in your ability to learn.
Being self-confident often involves doing what you believe is right even if others criticize you for your beliefs or actions.
So how do you become more confident? Take a look back at your accomplishments and keep an achievement log or diary. Your accomplishments could be anything from achieving a goal to making a difference in another persons life.
Having confidence also involves knowing where you want to go in your life and having a clear goal.
Have positive thoughts and stop using negative words. If someone asks how you are doing today, say Fantastic! Telling them about your lower back pain isn't going to make it feel any better and you must ask yourself if the other person really cares. People like to be around positive and confident people!
Your personal appearance and how you carry yourself tells a story!  It's difficult to express self esteem and confidence if you have bad posture. You feel good about yourself when you dress sharply! If you normally wear very casual clothes, try wearing dress clothes or even a suit.
Practice self confidence by sitting in the front of the room when attending a meeting and actively participating by speaking up.
If you are reluctant to face an upcoming event, state the worse thing that could happen and accept it in your mind. Often what really happens is far less daunting as you thought it would be. There is no need for anxiety. They can't kill you. In the journey of life it won't be a big deal if something doesn't go as well as you planned. You must keep things in context. Learn and grow from mistakes and move forward with confidence as you are now a better person from the experience.
Don't be overly concerned about what others think of you. Usually, when you try to imagine what other people are saying about you it will turn out to be incorrect. Knowing who you are as person and what you believe in will help you care less about what others think of you.
Being self confident invloves staying relaxed and know things will work out ok. 
Keep words usually associated with being confident in your head such as relaxed, positive and determined. 
FACE YOUR FEARS and do the things that you fear!
Exercise and feeling good will also boost confidence.
Having confidence is not about always being right but instead it's not fearing being wrong.