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Sunday, September 5, 2010

What is Digital Scrapbooking?

For many people (myself included), scrap booking has become an extremely popular hobby as a way to preserve family memories for generations to come.  Originally scrapbooking was done using photos and papers, with hand written journaling and various small embellishments such as ribbon, stickers, flowers, etc.
Digital scrap booking (also known as digi scrapping) involves the use of digital photos, clip art, graphics, textures, and various other objects you can find readily available.  The ultimate purpose of preserving memories in a creative way remains the same.

Some digital scrap bookers (myself included) may combine digital elements into traditional page layouts by printing and cutting out digital photos, papers, clip art, notes, etc and adhering them together in a tangible layout.  Others prefer to work completely with digital content, and share them entirely on the computer.  Digital scrapbook pages can be printed and placed in an album, or they may be left as digital files which can be shared electronically via email, the web or on a disc.

Most digital scrapbookers work with a photo editing program such as Adobe Photoshop ( I use Adobe Photoshop CS4), Photoshop Elements, Corel Pain Shop Pro or Microsoft Digital Image Suite.   There is even software designed specifically for digital scrap booking.  Essentially, you can use any software that will allow you to work with layered objects, and supports the PNG file format.  PNG files are preferred for digital scrap booking because they allow the use of transparency in a high quality, true color format.

In addition to software, most digital scrap bookers will also want to have a digital camera, scanner, and a printer.

Some of the benefits of digital scrapbooking  are:

*Environmentally friendly.  There is no paper involved unless you decide to print the pages you create.
*Less mess (no more table covered with papers, buttons, glues, flowers, ribbons, etc. etc.)
*Wider range of materials (papers and embellishments).
*Mistakes are easy to correct.
*Photo editing programs allow you to experiment with different papers and embellishments without being                  
*Very affordable digital supplies available (many freebies to be found as well)
*Easily share with friends and family by uploading your digital pages to a photo sharing website or make      
   your own blog in which to share.
*You can put together a page in little time.

Some of the digital scrap booking programs may take a little time to learn, but the results can be amazing! (I am completely self taught and if I can do it, so can you! )By searching the internet, you can find dozens of articles with tutorials, free pages, free kits, embellishments and text options to suit just about any need.  All it takes is your imagination.

In the days to come I hope to share with you some of my pages and crafts that I create.   I hope that I have given you a little nudge to try digital scrap booking for yourself!

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