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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Battle of the Gaming Devices

The Nintendo Wii released in late 2006 rapidly took the country by storm with its motion based player movements. Young and old alike were able to share the fun. Nintendo did not disappoint us by making sure we had great games like Super Mario and many other fun titles to enjoy.

The Wii negatives would be more lackluster games that the advanced gamers are looking to play as well as its limitations for other home entertainment options such as Blue Ray DVD play and internet browsing with flash. Challenging online play is also a negative.

The Xbox 360 gaming unit now offers a motion bar known as Microsoft Kinect that provides game play using your body without holding onto anything. Despite the new addition, the gaming system just does not have the same appeal as the Playstation 3 which provides more of a total entertainment experience.

Just take a drive to your local Walmart and see which consoles are in the locked glass case and which have been sold out. Plenty of Xbox 360 units are ready for purchase most likely and no Playstation 3 machines to be found. The PS3 provides more family entertainment with the inclusion of a Blue Ray DVD player which also upscales the quality of regular DVD movies. Browsing the internet is a breeze as well as downloading movies and TV shows.

This post was not intended to provide a serious gamer review of machines but instead provide information to those who are looking for some family entertainment and fun on a budget. The Wii will provide hours of fun but the Playstation 3 will provide years of total family entertainment. The PS3 has much to offer whether you are a serious gamer or not. I would skip the Xbox 360.

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