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Monday, May 3, 2010

Ways to stay motivated.

Stop and really think about the things that you enjoy and things that bore you. It's important that you don't avoid important work that needs to get done just because you find it boring however, it's equally important to be able to dedicate some time to things you enjoy.

I bet you have you have never written your successes. You should keep a sort of diary of things you are proud of and would like to share with others. Read the list from time to time as a reminder of your accomplishments.

Avoid negative people and people that "one up" your stories. Network with positive people who you feel may embrace your business.

You should have both a personal and a business goal or mission. If you don't have one, get one immediately! Find something you have enjoyed doing or have always wanted to accomplish.

Purchase books or motivational audio recordings that inspire you. Listening to a CD when you are feeling down can be very uplifting!

It's difficult to be motivated in a home business when you have a dirty house! How you feel about yourself, your business and your home can have a BIG impact on your daily thoughts and activities.

Always accept feedback as a way to improve your business and not as a personal attack. Failure is ok as long as you learn from it and are willing to try again.

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