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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tips for an organized life!

You cannot expect your home or family to be organized if you are not. Clearing clutter from your home today does not mean your home will stay clean. You must have a long range plan of how to stay organized.

Many people never start to organize because they feel it won't be perfect... so why get started. Always remember that if you do a little each day that getting something accomplished is more important than being perfect! Don't kick yourself in the rear by expecting perfectionism. You will be amazed what devoting just 10 minutes daily will get accomplished.

I use the 10 minute rule every single day. Have a messy house? Spend 10 minutes today sweeping the floor and 10 minutes tomorrow dusting the furniture. By the end of the week you have spent 70 minutes cleaning your house. The 10 minute rule applies to many other things you may want to get accomplished but just don't want to get started.

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