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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Should I get involved in multi level marketing?

Choose a product you want to buy. Choose a stable company. Don't ignore your very first instincts.
MLM (Multi Level Marketing) can be a legit home based business where you can make some money however, there are several things that you should ask yourself beforegetting involved.
Does the company have a real product to sale that people want?
Is it an answer to a need?
Does the MLM seem to be more about recruiting others that selling the actual product?
Is the product reasonably priced and would YOU purchase it if you were not involved the MLM?
Are people going to want to purchase the product again and again and not just be a one time sale to get you off their back from pushing the product.
How long has the MLM been in operation? Remember, you don't want to join a fly by night company but you also don't want the product to be over saturated.
The truthful answers to all of these questions are very important. Make sure you are being honest with yourself!!
There are many expensive health & wellness products out there these days being sold through MLM. Ask if someone is going to continue to purchase this product for $40/month if they can't prove it's really doing anything to benefit them.
What makes this product special? Can you go next door to your local store and buy a similar product for much less?
Remember the economy is still down and people are watching their money like a hawk! Why would they be willing to purchase your product in these difficult times? Will they really make money if you recruit them into your organization? Can you assure them they will make money with a straight face?
Make sure that you personally believe in the products you are selling and you feel no guilt when you try to sell the products to others because you know it has benefit!
Do your research. Understand the compensation plan and how you are going to make money BEFORE diving in head first!

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