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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Houston Space Center-NASA

If you are ready for a great time head over to Houston's Space Center/NASA. You can put on a space helmet and blast off to a most exciting and fun adventure! You can experience out of this world family fun at NASA's official visitor center. You can see live shows, presentations, interactive exhibits, an IMAX theater, behind the scenes tours of the Johnson Space Center and so much more!

You will get to see actual spacecraft, like Mercury, Gemini and Apollo Capsules. You can watch astronauts train for upcoming shuttle mission. You can try on space helmets, touch moon rocks, land the shuttle and try space walking on state of the art simulators. There are live satellite links to NASA facilities which provide up to date information about current space flights and astronaut training.

Kids can jump on moon, staff a space station, drive a lunar rover, command the space shuttle, build and launch a rocket and so much more at the Kids Space Place.

The Houston Space Center is located about 20 miles southeast of downtown Houston.

Photo was taken with a SonyA200 18-70mm lens.

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