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Sunday, March 28, 2010


Who could resist taking photos of this old police car? Not me! I felt like I was stepping back in time to a different era. One more like Mayberry! Life was so much simpler then. We weren't bombarded by so many things, always rushing from here to there, attached to our electronics. I was reminded of the times when I was young and we were allowed to play outside (not as much danger of strangers and horrible things happening as today) till dark and then would hear my Mom calling my name and I knew it was time for supper (yes, supper...not dinner). Then we would sit outside with several of the neighbors and just talk or us kids would catch fireflies in a jar or play tag, till time to go in and maybe watch a little tv before bed. How many of us do this anymore? I can only speak for myself and my family and I know we don't do this often enough! Many of us don't even know anything about our neighbors. Children rarely play outside anymore, too many video games or computer games to keep them busy. Sorry, guess seeing one old car really brought back of a flood of memories!

On to a little history of Oakville.....Irish immigrants settled this area as part of the John McMullen and James McGloin Mexican Land Grant. It is located on the Sulphur Tributary of the Nueces River and also known as, "On the Sulphur". Live Oak County was organized in 1856 and Oakville was named County Seat. Thomas Wilson gave 640 acres for the townsite stipulating that separate squares be marked as public, graveyard, church, and school squares. Oakville grew as stores, two hotels, a livery stable, a school, and two churches were established.
The Oakville Post Office was established May 11, 1857. The mail came 4 times a week on stagecoaches traveling from San Antonio to Corpus Christi and then on to Brownsville. Stage travel became less popular with the arrival of the railroad. When the San Antonio, Uvalde & Gulf Railroad bypassed Oakville in 1913, the town began to decline. The County Seat was moved to
George West in 1919.

Photos were taken with a Nikon D5000 18-55mm lens.

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